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You’re a professional. Your online presence should be no different. Take your career to the next level today and for free with a Castable website.

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The entertainment industry has changed.

We now live in an world where having a great online presence is instrumental in making it. Whilst your talent will get you over the line, your success is ever-more effected by influence you hold; Building that influence starts today.

Introducing Castable for Solo Artists

Castable allows you to collate your online influence, your previous work and your entertainment vitals online - all in a single place on the web. Your own, self-updating website.

Agents, directors and entertainment professionals alike are able to see everything they want to know quickly and efficiently; helping you land that dream role.

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Simple To Use

Creating and managing a website shouldn’t be tough. We’ve purposely made Castable as simple as possible. Launch your new website in as little as 5 minutes.

Own Your Fanbase

Whilst we love social networks; they do abstract your fanbase. You should be able to contact your fans however you like and that data should be yours to keep. Thats why we give you the option to create your own fan mailing list.

Free for life

We want more models, actors and actresses to succeed. That’s why we’ll always be free. We’re able to do this because we have a seperate product for talent agencies that covers the costs. Yes, you read that correctly - we make the agencies pay for you!

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